Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perks, Tools and Random Dungeons

All the old perks which were boring stat-ups were removed, and replaced with much more useful and varied effects unique to each character. Such as Kojo's new perk to triple healing given during his Pure Color buff, or Neko's power increasing for every other party member with the Firewatch perk. I've also added traits for the varied humans, undead and demons in the party. Such as the human trait which restores a small amount of health each turn. Along with those are also inherent traits to some characters, like Rye's trait which protects her from various status effects.


These are items you can equip as normal equipment. See here, and can be usable in battle as a skill - like this! They all have unlimited uses, but most can only be used one per battle. There are also tools which take up the same slot, but provide passive benefits when adventuring - much like the abilities of heroes in your party, like a lantern to see in the dark or radar to enable the dungeon map.


Upon a victorious battle, you are given a rundown of how well you did, the points here are added to a global experience pool. On this screen you can also view more detailed of the battle, including total damage and actions for each side.

When you grow tired of saving the city, you can face the mighty challenges of the deep darkness - randomly generated dungeons! These special areas allow you to choose a party leader, see here, and which party members and equipment you wish to bring with you. There is only once entrance and one primary path in the underground, but every 10 levels you will reach a safe area to recuperate and change up your party - inside these rest areas are alternate paths which direct you to different dungeons.

When you complete a dungeon, you will return back the safety of the surface - this little diagram will probably explain the process better. The further down you go before entering a dungeon will raise the difficulty of monsters and indeed - the spoils upon their death.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Character Analysis: RAVEN


Raven held a fair amount of influence in the city prior to the catastrophe; as the privileged daughter of the wealthy mayor, Raven was a common sight at local fundraisers and evening promenades. When the meteor touched down, her life of luxury ended abruptly and she joined the kind-hearted messiah Sixty and his entourage. Her gift soon became apparent: the ability to control water, ice and even the darkness of the city, with these tools she intends to help the saviors with their goals and never look back.

Raven is a masterful spellcaster in combat, armed with a variety of elemental attacks and healing abilities. Her ultimate ability The Dark Choir restores health to all active and inactive party members in a single action, this potent spell can also be used outside of combat with the perk Mercury. Raven is especially useful in the field, not only can she conjure water, ice and the darkness, but she is also capable of removing noxious gas from poisonous areas and healing injured survivors.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Character Analysis: VOLRTH


Volrath, the cynical philosopher and sleuthing hobbyist has the uncanny (and seemingly mystical) ability to read faces and emotions, allowing him to manipulate simple-minded people and catch lies without effort. Ever since he acquired his powers, Volrath's intimidating faceless mask brings dread to the survivors that know of his legend, fearing that this simple vest-wearing psychopath can read their very thoughts. 

Preferring to help non-violently, Volrath aids in battle by critiquing and motivating his party members through his soothing voice and commanding demeanor. Being able to guarantee critical hits and double speed, Volrath is a support character with enormous potential, hindered only by his target's ability to hear. Due to this, he does not mesh well with Reives' deafening attack. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Character Analysis: TRICK


A survivor even before the impact, the monk Trickster wandered the deserts of Sundat for decades, spending his time looking for treasure and other adventurous pursuits. When news about the catastrophe reached the small settlement he was staying at, Trickster gathered his supplies and ventured forth to the fated city to help his friend Reives. Due to his nomadic life, very few things are known about Trickster.

Trickster is an earth magus; he can manipulate the ground below him, allowing him to knock opponents off balance or pierce their shields with a well placed spire. As a master of survival, Trickster can both withstand a lot of punishment and damage foes with a variety of hand-crafted weaponry, including bombs. Trickster's Earthlike ability allows him to turn an ally's flesh into stone, ending a variety of status effects and increasing their defense moderately.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Character Analysis: LENE


Being granted both superior intellect and strength, Lene holds the highest position of influence in Sixty's entourage, surpassing even Sixty himself when deciding upon the actions of the group. Despite her iron authority, she is admired among her peers within (and outside) of the party.

Lene plays very differently than other characters, due to her actions consuming no energy in combat, all of her attacks have long cooldowns, forcing her to ponder when no other action is available. Outside of battle, Lene can restore all of her health in exchange for a minor amount of energy, making Lene especially useful in longer dungeon delves.

Character Analysis: PUNK


Meet the lovable emo dog: Punkster! Punkster enjoys many dog things, such as playfully biting people, searching for treasure, talking to other dogs, thinking about turtles and riding atomic bombs. When Punkster isn't enjoying his favorite hobbies, he can be found wandering the streets in service of the Saviors.

Punkster may not appear especially strong, his primary attack deals only minor damage and his ability to buff the party only adds a single point of power per application, Wag Tail's strength lies with its ability to stack up to 12 times, Scary Roar, which works conversely, stacks up to 6 times.

Whenever Punkster performs an action, he has the ability to go haywire, increasing the effect of the ability he just performed and sending him into a vicious rage - doubling his speed, increasing his power and automatically attacking each turn.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Character Analysis: ALMAD


Once conferred the rank of Colonel, Almad rose up to General of the Army overnight when Rye seized control of the remaining military following the impact. Well known among his subordinates as a cold, calculating, cruel (and theatrical) strategist, Almad is often seen with his 19th century french military ensemble and solid gold rapier at the ready.

Almad gained no benefactions from the impact, but armed with his superior intellect he still remains a troublesome foe in battle. Much like Volrath, Almad cannot damage enemies in combat, preferring to command his allies - forcing them to attack or doubling their power, defense or aura. When Almad is administering orders, he cannot perform any other actions and his energy slowly depletes.